Swim21 now SwimMark

BWFSC first achieved Swim 21 Accreditation in July 2005. This is the ASA Club Development Model. Since then we have complied with Swim21 at every re-accreditation stage a planning tool based on the principles of long term athlete development enabling clubs to help athletes, teachers, coaches and administrators to achieve their full potential within a safe and effective environment. It focuses particularly on the needs of the athlete, striving to produce the best possible support environment.

A Club can apply at five levels:

  • Foundation

  • Teaching

  • Skills Development

  • Competitive Development

  • Performance

BWFSC is now accredited to Swim Mark the new Swim England Club Mark. 

The club is required to gain re-accreditation on a four yearly basis, and seek re-validation on a yearly basis.


This involves an evaluation of our previous year's Action Plan together with reviewing all 16 elements particularly the one year budget and safeguarding elements.


Involves a comprehensive review of all the club's policies, structure and development for athletes, coaches, committee members, and administrators. This is a far more lengthy process and requires input from all areas of the 'club. BWFSC was re-accredited in Janaury 2022.

Accreditation is based on the achievement of outcomes within the modules set at each of the above levels and we are required to produce documentary evidence of all elements.

The completion of SwimMark enhances club management, focuses attention on club structure and club environment, ensures safeguarding is priority and should aim to ensure that the best possible pathways are in place to maximise individual potential within a quality environment.


SwimMark gives recognition that as a club we are providing a quality service.

SwimMark is endorsed by Sport England therefore the club receives Sport England Clubmark Status, a kitemark set across all sports.

BWFSC Club Policies, Procedures

See Club Policy for downloads of the club rules, policies and procedures.