Waltham Forest Gators Swimming Club

Pathway for all Swimming Groups


Welcome to Waltham Forest Gators Swimming Club. This document outlines the swimming pathway available to our members from beginner through to competitive swimmer. Below you will find the expected standards for each the Learn to Swim, Academy and Performance groups plus our participation programs for Fitness and Masters. This keeps both swimmers and parents informed of what’s expected at each level to progress to the next stage thus allowing for a transparent assessment process. All swimmers will receive quarterly reports to give parents summative feedback on swimmer progress and identify areas for improvement. Coaches will refer to the expected standards in this document when writing reports and giving feedback. It is important your swimmers are made aware of and are familiar with the expected standards so please take time to go through the criteria for their level with them at home every time they enter a new group. The expected standards are to be used as a guidance and Gators coaches/ teachers will use their judgement from time to time when assessing swimmers.


Throughout this pathway our coaches will look to develop skill before distance and enjoyment before skill. We believe it is easier to develop skill when your swimmers are enjoying training and it’s easier to develop distance/ endurance when your swimmers have the right skills.


Our pathway caters for everyone; you can learn to swim, compete or just swim for fitness. Either way our coaches are trained to tailor sessions to meet individual needs within each group and every class. We hope you enjoy swimming with Gators for years to come.




Pathway Overview


Learn to Swim

          Stages 1-7

          1 or 2 sessions per week

          Abilities range from complete beginner to swimming 200 metres using all four strokes

          Pathway to Academy level


          Stages 1-4

          3 x 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours per week

          Develops discipline and responsibility for own training and performance

          Develops, refines and perfects stroke technique and key aquatic skills

          Builds endurance

          Develops efficiency

          Pathway to Performance level

          3 x 1 hour sessions per week

          Building technique across all four strokes



·         Competitive / performance group minimum 4 sessions per week

·         Swimmers capable of performing at County level times and progress to Regional, National and International levels

·         Swimmers expected to regularly compete at galas


          3 x 1 hour sessions per week

          Fun, swim-based fitness sessions without any obligation to compete

          Develop stroke technique and endurance  

          Exposure to other aquatics-based activities such as Water Polo and Synchronised Swimming


          A fluid programme to meet the individual needs of any swimmers aged 16+ who want to continue swimming for fitness or competing at Masters competitions