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Here you will find information on the Kent Junior League:

Dates for the Kent Junior League (2017) are as follows:

10th June 2017 - Round 1

9th September 2017 - Round 2

18th November 2017 - Round 3 (Final Round)

The final round (round three) of the Kent Junior League is this coming Saturday 19th September 2016. The meet is being hosted by Herne Bay Swimming Club and will be held in Margate (address below);

Hartsdown Leisure Centre, Hartsdown Park, Margate, Kent CT9 5QX

Warm-up is scheduled for 6pm, with a 6.30pm start.

We are competing against the following teams: Ashford Town, Bexley, Erith A, Herne Bay and Shepway A

The full team of swimmers is shown below: 



10 Years

Shahana Francis -  CB1

Lola Burns - CE1

Annabella Cottrell -CB2

Alex Hope - CB2

Alex Williams - CB2

Theo Treadwell - SD

James Barnes - SD

Matthew Marsh - CB2

11 Years

Sarah Hamoudi - CE1

Hannah Rayner - CB1

Maisie Denny - CE1

Jacob Walker - CB2

12 Years

Melissah Khizzah - CE2

Beatrice Harrison - CB1

Emily Watts - CB2

Chloe Jenkins - CE2

Balazs Szuhodovszky - CE2

Nathan Chapman - SD

Sam Woodhams - SD

Joshua Doherty - SD

13 Years

                           Kirsty Moore - CE2

Aibhe Barnes - SD

Oliver Crowley - CE1

Jamaal Francis - CB1

Luca Treadwell - SD

Note: Coach from Blackheath (“CB”); coach from Eltham Centre (“CE”), Self-drive (“SD”). The number next to it indicates the number of seats reserved.

The times for those of you getting the coach are 3:15pm from the Eltham Center and 3:45pm from the Band Stand (top of Maze Hill).

Lets see if we can make it 3 wins out of 3 and gain promotion!

Swim hard, get lots of pb's and good luck to all the swimmers!

Round 2 of the Kent Junior League is this coming Saturday 10th September 2016 at the Eltham Centre.

We will meet at Eltham at 5.15pm for a 5.30pm warm up and a 6pm start.

The full team of swimmers and helpers is shown below:

10 Year Olds                           

Danai Lakatos                        Alex Williams
Shahana Francis                   Theo Treadwell
Lola Burns                                James Barnes
Annabella Cottrell               Ethan Collins
Nikki F.Etiminani

11 Year Olds                            
Amelie Brooks                        Jacob Walker
Hannah Rayner                      Diogo Pereira
Maisie Denney
Sarah Hamoudi

12 Year Olds                            
Emily Watts                              Ilia Zyp
Melissa Khizzah                     Nathan Chapman
Zoi Lakatos                               Balazs Szuhodovszky
Chloe Jenkins                          Sam Woodhams
Beatrice Harrison

13 Year Olds                            
Hannah Tavakkolizadeh    Jamaal Francis
Kirsty Moore                           Oliver Crowley
Liberty White                          Luca Treadwell

Referee - Chris
Announcer and Starter - Ian
Timekeeper - Katie
Chief Timekeepers- Rob, Eugiene, Sharon
Electronic Timekeepers- Steve Cottrell, Matt Woodham
Judge - Barbara
Scorers - Jennifer, Sophie
Door - Annamaria, Nikki
Water - Jackie
Whips - Sanne / Cathy, Olatz
Helper - Scarlett
Team Captains - Beth, Chloe

Here is the team selected for round one (11th June 2016):


9/10 YEARS

Danai Lakatos

Shahana Francis

Lola Burns

Bella Cottrell

Annie Sanders


Amelie Brooks

Hannah Rayner

Maisie Denney

Sarah Hamoudi


Emily Watts

Melissa Khizzah

Zoi Lakatos

Chloe Jenkins


Hannah Tavakkolizadeh

Kirsty Moore

Liberty White

Nova Bish


9/10 YEARS

Alex Williams

Theo Treadwell

Ismail Elwakeel

Ethan Collins

Matthew Marsh


Jacob Walker

Michael Francis

Jack Adams


Ilia Zyp

Nathan Chapman

Josh Doherty

Balazs Szuhodovsky


Jamaal Francis

Oliver Crowley

Luca Treadwell

Louis Corbett

DIVISION ONE (listed in seed order)

1.Thanet A

2.Sevenoaks A



5.RTW Monson A

6.Black Lion

7.Sevenoaks B

8.Saxon Crown


10.Orpington Ojays

11.Barking & Dagenham

12.Thanet B


1.Dover Lifeguards



4.Greenwich Royals

5.Herne Bay

6.RTW Monsoon B

7.Ashford Town

8.Shepway A

9.Edenbridge Piranhas

10.Sevenoaks C



13.Shepway B

14.Southwark Aquatics

15.Erith A

16.Erith B

17.Beckenham B



Round One Fixtures

Division One

Gala 1: Thanet/A, Beckenham, RTW/A, Saxon Crown, Maidstone, Thanet/B

Gala 2: Sevenoaks/A, Bromley, Black Lion, Sevenoaks/B, Ojays, Barking & Dagenham

Division Two

Gala 1: Dover, RTW/B, Ashford, Tonbridge, Shepway/B, Canterbury

Gala 2: Dartford, Herne Bay, Shepway/A, Larkfield, Southwark Aquatics, Beckenham/B

Gala 3: Bexley, Greenwich, Edenbridge, Sevenoaks/C, Erith/A, Erith/B

Rule Changes

A change to the gala running order which was approved at the recent AGM.  Now 11 year old relays will be 4 by 50m instead of 4 by 25m.

Kent Junior League results

Kent swimming ASA have kindly offered a webpage for the KJL and this will be used to display results after each round.

Running Order

Kent Junior League


1.  Girls 13/u 200m IM (100m IM in Division 2)

2.  Boys 13/u 200m IM (100m IM in Division 2)

3.  Girls 11/u 50m Breast

4.  Boys 11/u 50m Breast

5.  Girls 12/u 100m Butterfly

6.  Boys 12/u 100m Butterfly

7.  Girls 10/u 50m Back

8.  Boys 10/u 50m Back

9.  Girls 13/u 100m Breast

10. Boys 13/u 100m Breast

11.  Girls 12/u 100m Back

12.  Boys 12/u 100m Back

Points total after event 12

13.  Girls 11/u 50m Freestyle

14.  Boys 11/u 50m Freestyle

15.  Girls 10/u 50m Butterfly

16.  Boys 10/u 50m Butterfly

17.  Girls 13/u 100m Freestyle

18.  Boys 13/u 100m Freestyle

19.  Girls 12/u 4 x 50m Med Relay

20.  Boys 12/u 4 x 50m Med Relay

Points total after event 20                               

21.  Girls 11/u 4 x 50m Med Relay

22.  Boys 11/u 4 x 50m Med.Relay

23.  Girls 9/10 4 x 25m F/s.Relay

24.  Boys 9/10 4 x 25m F/s Relay

25.  Girls 13/u 4 x 50m F/s.Relay

26.  Boys 13/u 4 x 50m F/s.Relay

27.  Girls 11/u 50m Back

28.  Boys 11/u 50m Back

29.  Girls 10/u 50m Freestyle

30.  Boys 10/u 50m Freestyle

31.  Girls 12/u 100m Breast

32.  Boys 12/u 100m Breast

33.  Girls 13/u 100m Butterfly

34.  Boys 13/u 100mButterfly

35.  Girls 10/u 50m Breast

36.  Boys 10/u 50m Breast

37.  Girls 11/u 50m Fly

38.  Boys 11/u 50m Fly

39.  Girls 12/u 100m Freestyle

40.  Boys 12/u 100m Freestyle

Points Total after event 40

41.  Girls 13/u 100m Back

42.  Boys 13/u 100m Back

43. Girls 10/u 4 x 25m Medley Team

44. Boys 10/u 4 x 25m Medley Team

45. Girls 12/u 4 x 50m F/s Team

46.  Boys 12/u 4 x 50m F/s Team

47. Girls 11/u 4 x 50m F/s Team

48.  Boys 11/u 4 x 50m F/s Team

49. Girls 13/u 4 x 50m Medley Team

50. Boys  13/u 4 x 50m Medley Team

51.  Mixed Squadron 8 x 1 F/s Ry

 1 girl 1 boy each age group to swim in age order, youngest first Girls from one end and boys the other. girl to start.

Dates for the Kent Junior League (2016) are as follows:

11th June 2016 - Round 1

10th September 2016 - Round 2

19th November 2016 - Round 3 (Final Round)

Click HERE for the Kent Junior Leage Rules