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Squad Criteria

Swimmers are assessed by the coaching staff upon joining the club and assigned to the appropriate squad based on their age and ability. During their membership, swimmer progression will be assessed by the coaching team and they will be moved through the squad structure in accordance with their individual ability, development and personal goals.

Squad Structure




Squad Moves, Trials & Transfers

Swimmers who meet the relevant criteria for a squad and are age eligible, may be offered a trial in that squad at any time at the Coaching Team’s discretion. A trial period may last for a number of sessions and may result in either being made an offer to join the squad full time, to continue on a 1-6 month probationary period within the squad, or to be offered a more appropriate squad. The decision of the Coaching Team, led by the Head Coach, is final.

Please note that the achievement of reaching certain criteria does not automatically secure a place to a squad. Every decision is under the Coaching Team’s discretion and is normally dependent upon a variety of factors: work ethic & attitude, commitment to the squad training and competition schedule, age, times or realistic ability to achieve times.

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