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Open Meets

Like the external championships, Open Meets are events that swimmers enter individually, as guided by the coaches.

Our coaches feel that the Open Meets are very important for the development of our competitive swimmers. Often swimmers are up against those of a similar ability, which means they often come back with a personal best (PB).

All Open Meets are Licensed at different levels ranging from 1–4. Level 1 is the highest and level 4 is the lowest. For example, the Borough Championships are licensed at Level 4, while a Level 1 meet will have qualifying times set so only the fastest swimmers are able to attend. However entering a Level 3 meet doesn’t mean you’re slow – National swimmers still enter these!

The times that swimmers achieve at Open Meets are recorded on the national swimming database, which can be accessed via the Useful Links page.  Some events, like the Regionals, only allow entry if the swimmer has achieved a qualifying time at a Level 1,2 or 3 meet so it is important to keep clocking up times at the meetings which come up during the year.

We will keep you informed of which Open Meets are coming up, and application forms will be made available via email/the website. Your coach will guide you which Opens to go to and which events to go in for if you are unsure.

The form (excel version) to use for entering External Open Meets can be downloaded HEREA pdf version can be downloaded HERE.

Instructions on entering meets via our website by clicking on the attend/decline button is available HERE

Note; while the Club Championships is not an Open Meet, the Club tries to make sure they are licensed at level 4, in order to give all swimmers the chance to achieve Kent qualifying times.