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TimeKeeper and J1 Training - the Key to successful Events and Galas

Whilst the content of the training remains largely unchanged, the move to an online format back in 2020 does allow trainees to undertake the training at their own pace and to fit with all the other lifestyle commitments which we know our volunteers have.

The Institute of Swimming training platform is here: https://www.swimming.org/ios/courses-officials-volunteers/

Timekeeper training is available at https://www.swimming.org/ios/course-information/swimming-technical-officials-timekeeping/

J1 training is available at https://www.swimming.org/ios/course-information/swimming-technical-officials-judge-1-theory/

All technical queries relating to the access to those courses should be directed to mailto:[email protected]. Any queries that require local resolution should be addressed to the Club mailto:[email protected]

Poolside training can only commence once all online modules have been completed, apart from the Timekeeper assessment which can be undertaken at any time after completion of the Timekeeper and Chief Timekeeper modules. Completion of these first two modules can be evidenced by a screenshot, and after assessment they can fulfil the role of Timekeeper. They cannot be used at licence level 3 and 4 as a J1T (Judge 1 in Training) until completion of all modules.

Upon completion of all online modules, candidates will be prompted to upload their certificate and a photograph onto swimmingresults.org, which will trigger the central dispatch of the redesigned training resources. This will include a logbook folder, a J1Trainee certificate, a Judge 1 training record and a copy of the FINA Rules extracts. This dispatch can take some time, it is recommended a candidate willing to start mentoring as soon as possible should print their own logbook from https://www.britishswimming.org/documents/1225/Judge_1_Workbook_v5-_Candidates_Copy.pdf

Notification will be sent to the Regional Officials Coordinator to allow candidates to be provided with local contacts to guide them through their practical poolside training. Unfortunately, GDPR restrictions mean that the County Officials Coordinators are not getting this information and they should be contacted separately indeed.

Trainees will be required to undertake a minimum of 15 hours mentored poolside experience and in England (which would ideally include a minimum of three hours at Levels 1 or 2 AND a minimum of 3 hours at Levels 3 or 4, though the requirement for Levels 1 and 2 has been recently dropped out). The remaining hours should be spread over a variety of levels of meet, which can include club training sessions. Guidance has been provided by British Swimming in the logbooks on suggested timescales for completing each competence, with an overall time limit of 11 months for completion being introduced.

Only a Technical Swimming Official qualified to at least Judge 1 level can carry out mentoring and only a licensed Referee can sign off the candidate as being competent or evidence them not being competent.

Judge 1 candidates will also need to complete the free Contemporary Issues CPD online course, available at https://www.swimming.org/ios/course-information/contemporary-issues/

Upon completion of all Judge 1 training, they will need to notify the County Officials Coordinator who will then verify that all elements have been completed, and pass this to the Regional Coordinator. There will no longer be a final poolside assessment as trainees will have already been judged to be competent in all areas.

Following verification individuals will automatically be issued with a J1certificate, additional inserts for their logbook and their first licence, which will be valid for 4 years.

After qualifying as a Judge 1, individuals will be required carry out a MINIMUM of 20 hours in the role before progression onto Judge 2.


1.Minimum age to commence training is 15 years old.

2. Trainees must be a Swim England/Swim Wales/Scottish Swimming member before commencing the J1 Course and register with the IoS.
Please contact us at
mailto:[email protected] to get hold of the relevant paperwork.

2.Upfront fee of £20 (training and licence fee combined) for the J1 course https://www.swimming.org/ios/course-information/swimming-technical-officials-judge-1-theory/

3.Online J1 theory modules must be completed in full prior to commencement of any poolside work (apart from the Timekeeper assessment which can be carried out after completion of both the Timekeeper and Chief Timekeeper modules).

4. 11 months to complete the training (via poolside mentoring) from date of completion of online modules. This should give plenty of opportunities to attend open meets of all levels, typically advertised by the Club at https://uk.teamunify.com/team/lrgrsc/page/events#/team-events/upcoming (though trainees are not limited to events supported by the Club)

5. All trainees will become licensed officials at the end of the process if they obtain the sign-offs for each individual competency within allowed timeframe. The Qualification as J1 is valid for life, the Swim England License should be renewed every 4 years (https://www.britishswimming.org/browse-sport/swimming/officials/licence-applications-and-renewals/)

6.Upon qualification, please let your Club and County Officials Coordinator know, via mailto:[email protected] and mailto:[email protected]

7.Failing to complete the qualification within 11 months will mean a trainee MUST restart the process from scratch unfortunately.



The Judge Level 2 and Level 2S classroom sessions for Kent County Officials are going to be run centrally at Medway Park this year. The following dates have been set:

These courses MUST be booked on line. Got to https://www.kentswimming.org/ and click on "Officials" and then "Book a workshop".

Courses for the first part of this year are now on the calendar tab at the kentswimming.org website. 

If you would like to book on to a workshop then you can do so via the following link: https://www.kentswimming.org/spage-officials-book_a_workshop.html

The Level 2 course costs £8.00. There is no cost for the Level 2S course but you must keep your workbook from the Level 2 course.

Should you have any questions then please e-mail the Kent County Officials Coordinator Malcolm Keysell in the first instance: [email protected]