Club Championships 2023

Points Scores and Results


Ladies Points Scores FINAL Scores

Ladies 50m Free Results      Ladies 100m Free Results       Ladies 200m Free Results           Ladies 400m Free Results

Ladies 100m IM Results        Ladies 200m IM Results          Ladies 400m IM Results

Ladies 50m Fly Results         Ladies 50m Back Results        Ladies 50 Breast Results

Ladies 100m Fly Results       Ladies 100m Back Results      Ladies 100m Breast Results

Ladies 200m Fly Results       Ladies 200m Back Results      Ladies 200m Breast Results


Mens Points Scores FINAL Scores

Mens 50m Free Results.       Mens 100m Free Results         Mens 200m Free Results.           Mens 400m Free Results

Mens 100m IM Results.         Mens 200m IM Results            Mens 400m IM Results

Mens 50m Fly Results           Mens 50m Back Results          Mens 50m Breast Results

Mens 100m Fly Results         Mens 100m Back Results        Mens 100m Breast Results

Mens 200m Fly Results         Mens 200m Back Results        Mens 200m Breast Results


The results will be sent to SE rankings and will appear on TU in due course.

Results acan also be viewed instantaneously on your phone by downloading and using the meet mobile app.

Information on FINA points, what they are and how they are calculated can be found here



Our club championships are held annually and are open to all club members_

Club Championships 2016

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Club Championship results – 1 7_9_14

Club Championship Results -13_9_14

Club Championship Results – 14_9_14

Club Championship Results – 12_10_14

Club Championships Results 9_11_14

Club Championships Results – 16_11_14

Club Championship Results – 30_11_14

Club Championship Results – 14_12_14

 Many thanks to everyone who has helped out at Club Championships this year_ It is very much appreciated _ We really cannot run these events without your help_ THANK YOU!!

Results from 2013

Club Championship Results – 14_9_13

Club Championship Results – 15_9_13

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