Bromley Swimming Club, originally known as ‘Bromley Town Swimming Club’, was established in 1898 and was based at Downham Baths. Back then, backstroke was taught by using both arms together in a rowing type of movement! Finances were so tight then the committee had to loan the silver cups for money to pay for pool time and then get them back in time for presentation.

Eventually the club settled at West Wickham which became its permanent home. The club utilised pools at Crystal Palace and Trinity School and gradually a more organised structure emerged.

John Carrington brought the club from near closure to a firmer financial footing and began to change the club into one for all ability swimmers. The swimmers attended galas for the various age groups and abilities so that all members could get a competitive swim.

He also introduced honorary membership for those swimmers who had been with the club for a long period of time and were leaving for work or University but who wanted to retain their links with the club.