Spectators will be allowed in the gallery, free of charge.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided to Coaches and Officials, Tea/Coffee will be also provided at the Café once given a voucher by our promoter.

Please bring your own water bottle

Withrawals (by the 26th 8PM, otherwise on the day before warm-up starts)

Promoter's Conditions

Warm-up timings

Morning session:

Girls Warm-up at 8:15am till 8:35am, then 5mn break to clear the pool, get the girls out, boys in: 8:40am till 9am.

Boys will not be allowed on poolside until the girls are gone

Boys out back to the badminton court

Gala starts at 9:15am



12pm Girls warm-up

12:20 – 5mn break for change over

12:25-12:45pm Boys warm-up.

12:45 clear the pool.

Session 2 starts at  around 12:50pm


Clubs Location at the pool (split between poolside and the badminton courts)

Bromley SC and Dover Lifeguard will be located on poolside, unless found not practical on the day in which case they will also need to sit in the badminton court.

Bexley, Saxon Crown, Greenwich and Tonbridge will sit in a badminton court untill 11am, then can spread across 2 badminton courts after the 10-11am badminton game ends.


Officials Application

Session 1 Entries

Session 2 Entries

Results will be published on MeetMobile and sent out to Clubs on the 27th evening or 28th morning at the latest.

Results will be sent out to Rankings on the 27th.