This squad is for junior swimmers who want to compete to the highest of their ability. They will follow a training cycle and be expected to compete for the club regularly in league galas. They will also be expected to enter appropriate open meets. Swimmers of this squad will begin to develop their fitness and technique on a more professional level and so discipline, dedication and ambition is required. Swimmers are expected to attend four sessions per week. Swimmers attending less than this on a regular basis are not guaranteed their place in the squad.

Please click on the Timetable link under 'Training' for information on current timetables.

Coach – Peter Bealing  ([email protected])

Age Guide: 9 to 11 years

Swimmer / Coach Ratio not to exceed 30:1


Minimum attendance = 4 sessions per week. 

80% out of the 5 sessions available 4 pool and 1 land training

Failure to do so could lead to your place in this squad being lost.

Entry requirements:
– Ideally to have qualified, or be working adequately well to attain at least one Kent qualifying time within six months of joining the squad.
– To have demonstrated a commitment to the club by attending all club galas unless there is a valid reason for absence – e.g. poor health. A prior track record of reliable attendance to club galas must be shown.
– To have demonstrated a commitment to competitive swimming and have regularly attended level 3 (or above) Open Meets.

Entry commitments:

– Junior Squad swimmers are expected to enter all recommended open meets per year including at least one Level One Open Meet.
– Junior Squad swimmers are expected to enter ALL events at club championships including all 200m and 400m events.
– To attend a minimum average of 4 sessions per week per month.
– To continue to demonstrate commitment to the club and an appropriate level of ambition through a good work ethic in training and competition attendance. 

– Swimmers are expected to complete regular test sets and time trials

The above criteria may change without prior notice or justification on the recommendation of the Head Coach. Failure to comply with any of the above criteria could lead to you losing your place in the squad.

Swimming Equipment required

Pull buoy
Drinks bottle (Full)
Short fins
Hand paddles
Recording Board (Optional)
Drag shorts (Optional)

Competition Kit Requirements

Club Hat (plus spare) – compulsory to wear
Club Polo Shirt – compulsory to wear
Goggles (plus spare)
Club Tracksuit – optional 

All swimmers who gain County or Regional qualification, and those that are chosen to represent the club at a gala, MUST endeavour to make themselves available for these competitions. The Head Coach and committee will not guarantee the squad place of a swimmer who consistently does not participate in open meets and/or club galas.
Swimmers are expected to attend the recommended number of open meets each season as well as the National Arena Swimming League, the Kent Junior League, Club Championships, County, Regional & National Championships if qualified. All competitions are subject to change. Any swimmer wishing to enter a competition outside of the proposed gala list is required to consult with the Junior Coach beforehand.
If you have been selected to compete on behalf of the club, the Bromley SC league administrator should be informed by email / in writing if a swimmer is unable to attend as soon as it is clear that they will not be able to attend.