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Who are Phoenix Osteopathy?


Phoenix Osteopathy was founded by Amy and George in 2013. As a clinic it offers osteopathy, sports massage, gait scans and orthotics and acupuncture. It takes on a structural, holistic and a biomechanical approach to treating injuries. 


The clinic, based in a gym works regularly with the active patient. The clinics direction towards sports has come from Amy and George’s experience in sports and exercise science as well as both playing competitive levels of sports themselves. 


To date, the clinic has worked with professional racing drivers, swimmers, triathletes and rugby players, to name a few of the sports. They regularly work alongside coaches to ensure open links of communication in the management of treatment and activities around injuries.


Why does Leander have this partnership?


It also makes Leander Swimming Club one of a select number of clubs, offering full, multidisciplinary support for our young athletes. Top quality swimming coaching, all round strength and conditioning support with our Athletic Development programme, as well as the best possible injury management support from Phoenix Osteopathy.  

What do I do if my child has an injury?



Step 1


Use 10 mins ‘ON’, 30 mins‘OFF’, 10 mins ‘ON’


Step 2

Speak to Tom

our Head of S&C, as soon as possible, for advice on what to do next


Step 3

On Toms advice,email

[email protected]

to book an appointment


Step 4

Notify coaches

of appointment date so Tom can be in contact with the osteo
























Phoenix Osteopathy offer a 10% discount on osteopathy services for all Leander Swimmers

 (not including sports massage or children’s rates for ages 12 and under).


Want more information about Phoenix Osteopathy? Check out their website and social media pages…