SwimMark Club

Volunteer Roles Required

Officials - The more qualified officials we have the easier it is to participate in and run Gala's

Head of Communications - We need someone that can communicate with our teams and parents about whats going on and when. This would involve the following;

  • Working closely with our Social Media Coordinator(s)
  • Sending out emails about events - ie Team meetings
  • Updates on whats going on in the club

Social Media Coordinator(s) - We need one or more people to look after our Social media. This would involve the following;

  • Keep each platform updated - (TU, FB, Insta and Twiter)
  • Respond to direct messages
  • Post on each platform
  • Engage with followers
  • Work Closely with the Head of Communications

Photographer(s) - As a club we want to show a good image. Best way is with great quality photos. You will be working closely with the Social Media Coordinator(s) to promote our club and be able to give our swimmers photos that they can have to show off to their friends and family

Website designer - We could use with someone that keeps the website up to date. Make sure post are accurate and everything works. this would involve;

  • Keeping info on the website up to date - ie Email addresses, 
  • Make sure website layout works on different devices
  • Making the website look nice

Parent Assistant Coaches - We are always looking for Parent volunteers to assist our profession coaching team.

Welfare Officer(s) - The Club requires both a male and female welfare officer to assist when the current officers are away or in some way conflicted.

Social Committee - We need a few individuals who will take a leading role in organizing the Clubs Social events. At the moment we normally only have to events per year,

  • The winter Party/Disco
  • Summer BBQ

Gala Secretary - We are looking for a volunteer to manage the clubs Gala entries.