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Aymeric's Barcelona Swim Camp report

Sarah Sheehan

Dear All,

It has been a pleasure to be the head coach of the first Leander international swim camp to Calella, Spain.

Thanks to our team mangers who took care of the well being of our swimmers 24/6.

Caroline, who is always keen to listen the swimmers and on top of the weather forecast.

Ian, who created a real hiking marathon into Barcelona, unfortunately Dora read the map upside down. If you want to play beach volley with him, be aware, you will not be allowed to draw the limits off the pitch, some referee decisions can seem odd, cheating do you think? No, only ultra-competitiveness!

Tricking Pam’s organizing skills is as hard as beating Mark on press ups! Bad weather change of plan, shopping, nothing worrying her, she is on top of it!

Mark created some excellent training sessions to allow our swimmers to improve their work ethic, stamina and motivation. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t allow him to focus on skills and biomechanics, his passion.

Imagine it with 25 degrees, warm and sunny weather, spending more time on the beach or on poolside at the hotel, allowing our swimmers to bond even more and breaking the cliques to create a big one: Leander SC.

Once again, the weather didn’t defeat our determination. Despite a thunderstorm Tuesday night, flooding a part of the railway, we were able to reach Barcelona 3 hours after we left the hotel, enjoying the view from the 1992 Olympic Diving pool, walking for miles towards the beach and our boys braving the cold sea to create a Fortress against the waves. We finished with some shopping around the Plaza Catalonia.

We would like to thank the patience and calm of your children, waiting for more than an hour on the platform, hoping for the train. Ending up squeezed into an overcrowded train, taking the double the time of the regular one.

For our last session, Friday morning we organized a time trial to assess the hard work of the week. Once again, fatigue and cold weather didn’t defeat the enthusiasm of our swimmers, we witnessed some good races, skills and an impressive commitment.

What an experience for our swimmers, proving their strength and willingness whatever the situation.

We wish you great club champs, Winter Regionals and upcoming swimming galas.

Aymeric NIchet