SwimMark Club

Competition Policy

It is expected that swimmers will compete, unless injured or seriously ill, in all designated competitions.

Swimmers must compete only in competitions as directed by the head coach.

All swimmers must compete in all National and Regional championships in which they qualify unless instructed otherwise by the Head Coach.

All swimmers / parents must adhere to the Leander meet entry procedure. Withdrawals from any event must be agreed first by the swimmerʼs coach or the coach present at the competition.

If it is agreed to withdraw a swimmer from a competition, or from a particular event before that competition has started, then it is the responsibility of the swimmer / parent to notify the competition organisers.

Swimmers must have a positive towards competing, and must be punctual at all times.

All swimmers must be on poolside 15 minutes before the scheduled warm up time, in order to exercises and to meet coaches.All swimmers must warm up at their scheduled time, in certain circumstances the coach may allow a swimmer to warm up in the swim down facility, this is at the coachesʼ discretion and needs to be agreed in advance.

Swimmers/parents must notify the team manager/coach present if they are likely to be late arriving at a competition, any swimmer who has not arrived poolside or contacted the team manager or coach by the end of their scheduled warm up, will be withdrawn from their events in that session.

Swimmers are expected to compete in all finals for which they qualify. (at the coachʼs discretion a swimmer may be allowed to withdraw, if it is felt that this will be of benefit to the individual concerned)

Swimmers must wear Leander kit while representing the club.
All members must adhere to the Leander Code of Conduct during competition. All members must endeavour to support each other wherever possible.