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Fees will be payable on the 1st of each month via your club account and details on how to set this up will be provided on joining.


We offer a small number of half-hourly, once a week, beginner lessons for children aged 5 and over the cost of which is £30 per month.  Children progress from B1 to B2 and then B3, which is the first session to happen in the main pool and the final stage before Novices. 


Novices swim in the large pool and swim one hour per lesson.  Depending on their ability group, they will swim either once or twice a week.  Cost is £30 per month for a weekly lesson of one hour and £40 for those swimming twice or more a week.  Our Junior Competitive section is also £40 per month.


This is where the hard work really starts. Swimming at least twice a week, this group is the preparation for the squads - the level of work is increased, and the children start to compete in galas.  As they are swimming at least twice a week the cost is £45 per month.


In this squad, the children develop the skill and techniques to continue on to the actual squads. Swimming again at least three times a week the monthly fee for this is £50.  


At the higher levels of performance entry to these squads is defined by target speeds across all four strokes, which swimmers have to achieve.  Squad members are entitled to attend as many session in a week as they wish at the pools we use for no extra cost.  £50 per month.


This is a yearly, renewable fee which is paid separately from lesson/squad session fees.  Due in January each year and on joining the club (in full) the fee covers Swin England Registration and Insurance costs,  Currently in 2022, this is £25 for Beginnners and swimmers not entering competition (Club Train level) and £40 for those in swimming in competition (Club Compete level).