BPSC Trustees, Committee and Life Members

BPSC is a non-profit making organisation with charitable status (Registered Charity No. 1057118), and everyone who helps to run the Club is an unpaid volunteer. BPSC is also registered as Company limited by guarantee (Company No. 02911208).
The Constitution can be downloaded by clicking the following link: BPSC Constitution 



The Club has a minimum of three trustees responsible for promoting and safeguarding the charitable arm of the Club in accordance with the Charity Commission. Under company law, Trustees are also company directors.
Our trustees guide the Club – they look out for the Club’s best interests and promote its aims in the wider world. They make sure the Club is heading in the right direction and is doing what it was set up to do. Trustees have a formal responsibility for appointing paid staff and keeping a check on the Club’s finances and activities. They do not get too involved in the day-to-day running of the Club which is managed by the Committee.

The current trustees are:

  • Michael Chilton
  • Andy Crowfoot
  • Helen McKibbin


The Committee

The Committee is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Club.  The Committee requires a minimum of three elected executive officers: President/Chair, Secretary and Financial Controller/Treasurer. The Committee has up to ten, further elected members who help with in a variety of roles.

The current list of Committee members is as follows (click on the role to download the role description):

BPSC Post Person Email
Club President Dougal Lumby -
Club Secretary Bahir Laattoe -
Finance Officer Nick Robbins memberships.bpsc@gmail.com
Welfare Officer Michelle Gazzi welfare.bpsc@gmail.com
Training & 'SwimMark' Coordinator Bornwen Tumani swimmark.bpsc@gmail.com
Membership Secretary vacant -
New Starter Officer Amanda Pixner information.bpsc@gmail.com
Website Administrator François Evans webadmin.bpsc@protonmail.com
Fundraising & Social Officer Jo Webber shop.bpsc@gmail.com
Parents' Representatives Clare Lewis
(Development Squad)
Vanessa Bradley
(Junior Squad)
Jo Webber
(Senior Squad)
Masters' Representative Dougal Lumby -
Treasurer Kusum Maini -
Head Coach Tom Sullivan -
Learn to Swim Lead Isabel Mason -


Non-Committee Positions

Post Person Email
Competitions Secretary David Moyles galaentry.bpsc@gmail.com
Gala Payments (BPSC) Shiromi Patel galapayments.bpsc@gmail.com
Treasurer Kusum Maini -


Parents' Representatives

Parents' representatives link young swimmers' parents to the Committee, to address any questions and concerns. They also co-ordinate other parents in helping to run the Club. Chat to the Parent's Representatives at squad training or gala sessions. You can also email them via parentsrep.bpsc@gmail.com


Life Members

There is a small group of people who have been awarded life membership by the Club, to mark their significant contribution to its long term success. These Club members have volunteered for many years and have inspired others in their swimming, volunteering or charitable work.
The current life members are:

Life Member Elected
Mr A. Canham 1980
Mr S. & Mrs P. Fraser 1983
Mrs S. Burt 1990
Mr A. & Mrs L. Lingley 2008
Mr N. & Mrs B. Birdsall 2009
Mr D. Parr 2014
Mr D. Tomback 2018