If you’re looking for a friendly swimming club, whatever your swimming needs, we aim to be the club for you.

Are you a youngster wanting to learn to swim?

We offer a friendly atmosphere for children from 4 years or sometimes even younger.  Our staff are SwimEngland qualified and our Beginners’ sessions provide trained helpers in the water to ensure that you gain confidence safely while having fun. We follow the SwimEngland National Plan for Teaching Swimming, and our young swimmers are encouraged to qualify for SwimEngland swimming and water skills awards.

Our Learn to Swim sessions are held at various venues around Barnet including Queen Elizabeth's Boys School, Queen Elizabeth's Girls School and Whitings Hill School. Look on the sessions page for current details.

Are you a young swimmer who wants to improve?

OK you can swim, but what about your strokes? How is your fitness?  Our development squad will work on all the strokes and introduce you to basic training schedules. In this squad you could be introduced to some competitive swimming. There are club race nights and even some local galas where you can gain experience of being part of a club team and start checking your PB (personal best) times.

Do you want to keep fit?

But we know that you may not have the time or ambition to commit yourselves so soon, and Broomfield Park is equally dedicated to those of you who simply want to be better and fitter! We will improve your strokes, because ultimately it’s easier to swim well than to swim badly. And we will help you keep fit or improve fitness with exercise that is low-impact on limbs and joints. Wherever you fit in, we offer sessions suitable for you.

Do you want to follow swimming as a sport?

It’s never too early to want to race, and you can start in the development squad. For the really committed though the next stage will be the Junior Squad, where the emphasis is on competition training and you will be encouraged to attend more sessions and tale swimming seriously as a sport, advancing to the Senior Squad. We will expect you to enter local galas at borough and county level, starting with development meets where you can get qualifying times for the next level – Middlesex county, London Region, and maybe even National.

What about the adults?

Most swimming clubs concentrate on children; some have swimmers of university age, but usually only the really good ones who have achieved high-level success.

Masters is the historic word for swimmers over about 20 years old and is frequently off-putting to those adults who see it as implying serious dedication and training for galas.  But adults, if anything, have at least as many different needs as young swimmers, and we recognise this.  Look at the young swimmer groups above and you may recognise yourself in one of those, only older!

Some of our Masters are former members of our senior squad, some return to swimming when their children join us - some fit into both categories! Many in our “adult development” groups are parents who learned to swim some time ago, but who never got far, or who are out of practice.  They have found their interest in swimming revived by their children's involvement, and they would prefer it if they were not totally outclassed by their ten-year olds!  We have had four generations of the same family swimming at the same time.

Most of you fit into the second or third groups. At the moment we don’t have the space to teach totally non-swimming adults, but if you can manage 25m unaided we have groups and sessions for you, and you will be encouraged to improve your strokes, technique and fitness. As with our young swimmers, you can take that as far as you want, and even many of our less competitively-inclined adults are cajoled into entering the Enfield masters gala in November, an annual event which we have dominated for many years.

When can you swim?

Wherever you see yourself, junior or adult, there are sessions available to you all through the week except Saturdays, even Sunday mornings. We try to be as flexible as possible, so please look at the sessions page, pick your favourite or (hopefully) favourites, and send us an e-mail to information@bpsc@gmail.com providing your details and requirements. What you will pay will depend on how often you swim and at what level but we think we offer exceptional value.