BPSC Club Kit

With swimming kit so readily available, particularly online at places like Maudesports and Swimshop, coupled with the trend to wear more colourful and individual costumes, the club no longer runs a club shop as such.

Club Hats
The club holds a stock of club branded swimming hats (£5 each) and these can be purchased from the coaches.

Club Gala T-shirts and Hoodies

We have recently updated our kit and this section will be updated shortly to reflect this. 

In the meantime, please contact Jo at shop.bpsc@gmail.com for the new Gala kit.  A club order will be submitted in March. 


What other kit to buy e.g.fins, pullbouys and finger paddles etc?

Please talk to the coaches, it is important the right type is purchased for example fins need to be short training fins and paddles are the finger paddles.