There are two elements to the fees

1. Annual Membership

This covers SwimEngland registration, insurance and general club administration. The annual membership is due each January or when a member joins the club (memberships fees are not pro-rata'd) and are based on the squad and whether the swimmer is competitive (i.e enters licenced galas) as shown in the following table. 

* If a swimmer pays a non-competitive membership fee and then starts to compete in galas (including M11 galas) during the course of the year the difference needs to be paid to upgrade to competitive.

2. Swimming Fees

These principally cover the cost of the coaches and pool time and varies depending on the squad and the number of times you swim. The fees are paid each term, either in monthly instalments (paid on the 1st of each month), which spreads the term costs out over 4 months or as a single payment (paid in the first month of term) as shown in the following table


Payment Methods

Monthly Standing Order paid on the 1st of the month is our preferred method of receiving payment for swimming fees, this spreads the term cost over 4 months for you and you are totally in control and it is fully traceable. 

The alternative is to pay the full term cost as a single payment in the first month of the school term.

We bank with CAF Bank (Charities Aid Foundation) details are:  

Account Name : BPSC
Sort code:          40-52-40

Account No:       00021918

Please ensure the payee ref for the SO or online fees payment is Fees and add the swimmers surname if it differs from your bank account name

Please note we can't use the finance element of this website and as such it will always show a zero balance.  Additionally, you can't set up payment from this website, Standing Orders are set up via direct with your own bank using the details above.

Please be aware BPSC is a not for profit charitable organisation, run by volunteers with the only paid staff being the poolside coaches, therefore please help us keep admin to a minimum by paying promptly, as the vast majority of families do. 

If you have queries regarding fees please contact Memberships.bpsc@gmail.com 

Other payments

Please ensure the payee ref for any online payments reflects what the payment is for i.e. one of following: Fees or Gala or as advised if a special payment. 

Note some online bank accounts do not allow the payee ref to be changed. If that is the case with your bank please set up a new and separate payment for each payee ref needed and then use as appropriate. This is essential so payments do not get mixed up, which causes extra admin for the club and potentially cause you being chased for payments.