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Masters swimmer of the year 2019 After a year of breaking several British and European records the award goes to Derek Parr. His enthusiasm and perseverance means he can keep on competing at the very highest level. Derek is a joy to have around, is always available to give advice and has many tales of his swimming exploits around the world. Well done to Derek for all his achievements during the past year. Another swimmer who needs a mention for the past year is John Burton. While at Broomfield, John...

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The Trustees and Committee wish to announce that after a thorough recruitment process, Tom Sullivan has been appointed as the BPSC club’s new Head Coach. We wish Tom well in his new post. Bahir Laattoe

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Unfortunately QE Girls School Board of Trustees has informed us that, due to health and safety seasons, they are no longer in a position to hire out their swimming pool for the rest of the academic year. However BPSC are able to offer Development Squad an alternative swimming time (as well as the usual Thursday and Friday sessions at QE Boys), at The Venue, Borehamwood on Sundays from 9.30am to 10.30am from Sunday 2nd February, 2020. Clare Lewis

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Junior Squad Parent's Representative Vanessa Bradley, with daughters Madison & Jemima.

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L>R: Jäger, Clare and Nerys Lewis • Development Squad: Clare Lewis • Junior Squad: Vanesse Bradley • Senior Squad: Jo Webber The Parents’ Representatives provide a link between parents and the BPSC Committee. They hope to be able to communicate any concerns, questions and information between both parties whilst also establishing an informal group of parents willing to contribute in some way to the demands of running the club. Please feel free to contact Clare, Jo or Vanessa via or chat to them during squad training sessions or at...

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I am sorry to advise of another Gala Cancellation. We have received the following notice from Waltham Forest Dear all, It is with sincere apologies that I am writing to inform you that we are unable to run our October Home Gala. I have now processed all entries received and we do not have enough entries to cover officials, costs or to run each session for longer than 1.5 hours. In five years we have never been in this situation however we suspect this is down to our licence application...

Please find attached the accepted entries for the Basildon Spring Time Trial on 11/12 March 2017.  All our submitted entries have been accepted.  They are on pages 22 & 23 of the attched PDF file from Basildon Good luck swimmers Basildon Spring Timetrial Gala - Accepted Entries