Reminder about Changing and Late Pickups…

Web Admin

As part of the conditions for the hire of the swimming pools we are meant to leave the site within 15 minutes of the end of the session. We have had complaints from some venues where this has not been happening on a regular basis therefore could all swimmers please take note of this and change as quickly as reasonably possible so that you can leave within 15 minutes.

Related to this there have been a number of instances where the parents/carers have been late collecting their children (in one case over 50 minutes after the session has ended!). This is a safeguarding issue and it is not fair on the coaches who are often the ones left supervising the child. Please could we remind all parents/carers that we expect you to arrive before the end of the respected session to pick up their children. We have further details regarding our policy on Late Collection of Children on the BPSC Policies & Procedure page of our website

Just for clarity it is mandatory for parents/carers to remain on site for the whole of Learn to swim sessions.

If there are any queries please feel free to contact the coaches or reply to this e-mail.