Those competing in the Middlesex Development Gala - PLEASE READ

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Unfortunately we have just been notified that the Middlesex Development Gala on Sunday 24th March has been cancelled however the gala will take place as planned on the other dates including on Saturday. The full reason why Middlesex ASA has cancelled the event has been added to the end of this message.

Please note squad swimming at the Venue will still go ahead as planned on Sunday (09:30-11:00)



Please make sure the information in this email is distrubuted around your clubs as not everyone gets these communications

Due to the lack of officials and helpers coming forward on Sunday 24th March, it is with extreme regret that the swimming committee have decided to cancel all of Sundays events.  Saturday will run as scheduled. A decision will be made about the remaining dates (30th March and 7th April) early next week.

As of this evening we only have 8 officials for Sunday and we cannot run any form of competition with so few people.  Although several hundred people were emailed, this is all that have responded with offers to help. As it is, we will need to reduce the number of lanes we can use on Saturday to 6 if we do not get a few more offers of help in the afternoon session.

As has been the increasing trend over recent times, the majority of our officials comprise of longstanding members of the County who also act on County committees organising the events. This is not a sustainable position going forward.  We ask everyone, particularly those who are in training or have recently qualified, and especially those who have swimmers wishing to attend our events, to consider offering the County their support at our competitions. 

We regret having to take such drastic action, but with only two days to go the committee at tonights meeting felt we had no other choice. 

We will do our best to contact those that were expecting assessments or mentoring on Sunday to let them know, but please circulate this around your colleagues and coaches. 

A note will also be put on the website. 

Middlesex Swimming Committee