Harpenden Gala entries

GalaEntry Admin

This is a message for the parents and swimmers who have submitted entries to the Hrapenden gala on 5/6 October.

Unfortunately, I missed an updated entry file from Harpenden that corrected some discrepancies between the printed schedule of events (which is correct) and the running order in the original entry file that was laoded into Team Unify and parents may have selected races against.  (There is some cross over in the Events in Session 2 - Saturday evening and Session 4 - Sunday Afternoon

I have uploaded the correct running order on the entry file and copied all the submiited entries across.  I have also extended the dedaline to next Wednesday (3rd July) to allow parents to check the entries and make any adjustments if they had chosen races based on the original entry file running order.

Also, just a reminder that the Saturday sessions run afternoon and evening and the Sunday sessions run morning and afternoon.   Some parents have submitted notes which suggest they may not have picked up this subtelty.

Thanks for your support and aplogies for any inconvenience