Harpenden Gala - Cancelled

GalaEntry Admin

I am sorry to report that we will not be able to participate in the Harpenden Leagcy Gala this year.

At the start of last week we received the following note from Harpenden.

"I'm really sorry and dont want to waste your time, it is incredibly unlikely I'll be able to accept your entries for this years event. We have had a huge entry from another club which has very nearly filled the event and I have 4 clubs already in the queue waiting to see what I can fit in.

As a club that has supported the event from the beginning I am genuinely sorry.  I will continue to send invites to our future events."
To be fair to Harpenden, they had flagged a risk which was why we were chasing an early entry by the end of June - but unfortunately this still wasn't sufficient
We believe we have a sourced an alternative event for the same weekend and hope to upload entry details at the end of this week.  So please continue to keep the date free if you're still up for a gala that weekend
Apologies for any inconvenience