Seeking Gala Officials

Broomfield Park Swimming Club
Parents, have you ever thought of becoming a swimming official? 
It is a great way to to help the club, competitive swimming and ultimately our swimmers!  Officials are responsible for timekeeping and making sure that swimmers observe the rules.  Without them, licensed and other swim meets cannot take place but officials are always in very short supply.  British Swimming have just launched a new online course (Judge Level 1) which allows parents to complete a few hours of study at their own pace, together with poolside experience at galas, both being mentored to learn the ropes and on occasions, working independently.
The club will pay the course fee and you will need to register using the club website.  Details about how to do this will be provided for anyone that may be interested.
So if you want to be part of the action, please drop Richard a line at 
To find out more about becoming an official, please visit