Active Squad

This squad is perfect for swimmers that love swimming but don’t want to compete.

Minimum Requirements:

Swim with reasonable technique and be at least approaching their 13th birthday.


There is no minimum attendance requirement in this squad; you are welcome to swim as many or as few sessions as you want too. This squad is perfect for swimmers that love swimming but don’t want to compete.


Sound technique is important for any swimmer, therefore even though this is not a competitive squad you will be given tips to help improve and maintain your technique.

Racing Abilities:

This squad does not have a requirement to enter competitions; however we do run our own club championships, which you may like to swim in.


Swimmers are expected to be on poolside at least 5 minutes before the start of their session. All swimmers are expected to have respect for all the coaching staff, be willing to learn and support their fellow swimmers.

What you can expect from the coaches:

Sessions will be run without pressure and in a relaxed atmosphere, but you will still work hard! 

The coaches will try and help if there is anything specific you need to attain for GCSE or A Level PE. (Timed swims, etc.). 

The aim of the session more at keeping you fit with some poolside exercises during the sessions. 

Active Squad Sessions

The following table shows the Active Squad sessions that are available. 

If you are not 100% sure about whether BPSC is for you we do offer two FREE taster sessions.

If you are interested in joining BPSC, please send an e-mail to providing us with your child's details including current swim level, age, and preferred sessions.