Senior Squad


Swimming is such a skill-based sport with so many complex actions to each of the four strokes mechanics. At this level swimmers that attend 4 or more sessions per week are more likely to acquire these necessary skills and progress to a higher level due to regular practice. Swimmers develop and improve from three main areas: growth, technique and training. Swimmers attending less than 4 sessions could fall behind in their ability to cope with the work that is expected of them. You are also expected to attend land training sessions on a Sunday.


Sound technique is a swimmers most important requirement to being successful. Technique takes focus and concentration on the task. Having a sound foundation of technique allows the swimmer to build strength and confidence that is required to continue to progress their swimming careers.

Racing Abilities:

As in any competitive sport the ability to race is extremely important, swimming is no different. As each swimmer progresses they will be expected to compete in competitions, locally and further afield, without being reminded or chased to enter.


Every swimmer is expected to be on poolside at least 15 minutes before the start of their session to do their pre-pool warm up. All swimmers are expected to have their equipment, including a good size drink bottle filled with diluted squash or juice. Fizzy drinks and glass bottles are not allowed on poolside. All swimmers are expected to have respect for all the coaching staff, be willing to learn and to support their teammates in training and competitions.

What the coaches expect from swimmers:

Regular attendance at training sessions, we strongly recommend that swimmers attend 4 sessions per week at this level. Compete regularly as directed by your coach, this keeps the swimmers focused on why they are training, builds confidence and encourages swimmers to continue working hard. Swimmers need to be in the appropriate swimwear and have appropriate kit

Boys: fitted shorts/trunks.  Baggy shorts are not swimwear; they are for wearing on the beach.

Girls: costumes should fit the size you are, not be 2 sizes to big for you to grow into, the likelihood is that they will wear out well before you grow into it.

All: Fins, kickboard, finger paddles and stretch band.

What you can expect from the coaches:

We will work with you to help you achieve your swimming goals.  In order to do this we will discuss and complete the goal setting forms twice yearly, offer guidance on entering competitions and support you when you are competing and ensure that you understand and can adhere to the ever changing rules of competitive swimming that govern starts, stroke, turns, finishes and relay takeovers.  We realise, of course, that sometimes school work/illness makes attending 4 sessions difficult, but as long as you are not regularly missing sessions then that is fine. For GCSE and A Level students extra leeway on attendance, especially during exam times will be given. Please keep your coach up to date with times that you will be missing sessions because of exams etc.

Active Squad:

If you feel that the Senior Squad is not for you then we have an Active Squad that has no minimum training or competition requirements and is there for you to keep fit and continue swimming and being part of the Club. You will still have guidance and support from a coach.

Senior Squad Sessions

The following table shows the Senior Squad sessions that are available. 

If you are not 100% sure about whether BPSC is for you we do offer two FREE taster sessions.

If you are interested in joining BPSC, please send an e-mail to providing us with your child's details including current swim level, age, and preferred sessions.