Member Registration 2018

Welcome to the Broomfield Park Swimming Club Electronic Registration form.

New Members:

If you are interested in joining the club or have another family member who wishes to join please feel free to feel free to look through the website for more information. All prospective members are entitled to two taster sessions before joining.

If you require further information or wish to start the process of joining please send an e-mail to providing the swimmers name, age, and parents (if applicable) name and contact details. 

Once we give you confirmation that we can meet you requirements we will ask you to fill in this online registration form. If a family member already has an account please get them to log into their account on the next page and 'Add Member' otherwise 'Create New Account' on the next page and follow the instructions.

We have put together the following Online Registration Guide which will help you fill in the relevant sections.

Once complete we will process the data and contact you to arrange your taster sessions.

This online process will provide you with your own account that gives you access to the secure element of the website where you can review and update your personal information, sign up for galas and see previous gala swim times. In the future you will be able to see billing information.

We do use this system to send e-mails to our members therefore can you please ensure that the following e-mail address ( is in your contacts to avoid them ending up in spam folders.

If you do have any questions please feel free to e-mail us at

Existing Members:

Every year we are required to re-register all swimmers, volunteers (e.g. committee members, judges, timekeepers etc.) and coaches with SwimEngland. To achieve this please follow the instructions on the following pages, to assist we have put together the following Yearly Re-registration Guide which we hope will help you to fill in the relevant sections.

Please can you take the opportunity to ensure the information we hold within the system is accurate especially related to contact details and any medical conditions that we should be made aware of.

Once you have registered could you please ensure that the Club's Annual Membership Fee is paid for each swimmer. The costs are as follows: Learn to Swim - £20, Junior Squad and Senior Squad - £47.50, Development/Masters that enter galas - £47.50 and all other swimmers - £30. Further details are on the Fees page.

If you do have any questions or issues with updating certain fields please feel free to e-mail us at