Brompton Swimming Club

Brompton Swimming Club (BSC) was formed in 2006 to meet the demands for more swimming opportunities once children had outgrown the successful Swim School program at Fulham Pools, West London. In twelve short years, we have gone from strength to strength. Today, we have a comprehensive competitive program that caters to all swimmers - from pre-competitive and development, to county, regional, national and masters level.

The history of BSC is not long. The club grew from ten families gathering to request a few extra swimming sessions after their children had graduated to Stage 8 of the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme. In 2006, two sessions were added and the Sub Zero Squad was formed. By the end of that year, the club had grown to thirty children in two squads, training four days a week. Over the next couple of years the club changed its name to Brompton Bees Swimming Club and by February 2009 was an affiliate club competing within Middlesex County. In 2011, Brompton Bees changed its name to Brompton SC. Today, Brompton Swimming Club comprises nearly 150 swimmers across 7 vibrant squads.

The club competes in the London region of the National Arena League as well as the MKJL for our younger swimmers. Routinely producing National qualifiers, in 2017 the club had their first National medalists (Alesha Kelly and David Bloomfield) and repeated the feat again in 2018 (Alesha Kelly and George Eldredge). 2018 also saw our highest number of National finalists across multiple age groups and events.

Club aims

Brompton Swimming Club aims to provide an enjoyable, healthy, supportive learning environment where champion swimmers can thrive should they be willing to make the sacrifices necessary to reach their potential. The club actively encourages swimmers of all ages and abilities to take part in competitions giving every swimmer a chance to enjoy the many aspects and benefits of sport.


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