Please read the very helpful information on swimming competitions relating to competing and terminology.

To compete in licensed meets, swimmers must be nominated through an affiliated club. Some meets require qualifying times, while others don’t and are more appropriate for new swimmers. If you are new to the club (or need a refresher), the information link above will guide you.

Entrance fees

Specific information with regard to entrance fees, as well as more general details are provided by organizers well in advance of meet entry deadlines and will be made available, by meet, on the Meets page.

Entrance times

Please take note of qualifying times and type and "age at" requirements in meet documentation before selecting your entries.

Should you have any questions with regard to the accuracy of an official swim time or wish to enter a custom time, or for any other meet entry related enquiries, please send an email to [email protected]


Club representative meets

Event rankings (last 12 months)

Individual best times

Swim England club member check

Swim England swimming competition structure

Swim time conversions

Coach’s tip

Some meets can be long and tedious between swims. If you need to stay for the whole day, occupy yourself by swimming other events throughout the day. Don’t just focus on the ones you like best. You may surprise yourself and discover you are great at a different event.


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