Return to Training - Volunteer Sign-up and Return to Training Links - August 2020

BSC Accounts
Thank you to those who have signed-up to volunteer and completed their return to training consent forms.
For those looking to volunteer, we still need your support and you can find links to available job slots, below.
Also remember to please complete the return to training consent form, as we cannot allow swimmers to train without it!
Volunteer sign-up links:
Brompton Swimming Club Health and Safety Protocols:
Latymer Pool Operating Procedures:
You can also access volunteer sign-up using the following steps:

1. Log in to TU (
2. Select Events & Competition > Team Events
3. Click Job Signup and follow the guidance on the job signup page
Job sign-up links are also available via the website ( Meets tab and at the bottom of the Home page, when you are signed in to your TU Account.
Health and Safety protocols and return to training consent links are also available on the website Training Schedule page.
Please reach out to Juliet at  [email protected] with any questions.