Brompton SC Joining 7 other clubs to form the Independent Swimming League

Bram Montgomery

We are very excited to officially announce that Brompton SC has joined forces with 7 other clubs (Ealing, Hillingdon, Beckenham, Enfield, and Camden all from London, along with Repton and Northampton from the Midlands) to form the Independent Swimming League

We are aiming to come together for an end of season competition in July if guidelines from Swim England allow for larger competitions, but from this week, and continuing throughout the Spring and Summer, we will be participating in a Virtual competition with the other clubs where we will each compete across various distances in our home pools and then compile the results together so everyone can see where they rank in the friendly competition against their peers from some of the stronger clubs in our Region and beyond.  

Our first "race" will be a 100m (12&Unders) or 200m (13&Overs) freestyle kick with a kick board which will take place in training this week and then next week the swimmers will time trial the 50's of each stroke. (We will also use the 4x50's for entry into the Virtual Jr. Arena League). We will let everyone know which night we will be running the 50's for each squad so the swimmers can bring their racing suits and be ready to kick butt!

More events will be added over the coming months and the coaches from the 8 clubs will also sharing thoughts on training, new ideas, and best practices to help further our development and enhance the training experience for our swimmers. In the future we are also hoping to be able to work with the other clubs to run joint training sessions, as well as training trips and competitions abroad.