2021 National Junior Arena League Rnd 2 and BSC 4x50 Time Trial Results

Bram Montgomery

The coaches were once again very proud of how well our younger swimmers performed in the 2nd round of the 2021 Virtual National Junior League competition. With improvements coming in most of the events including all 7 relays, Brompton SC is still punching well about it's weight currently sitting 11th in GB. Sitting this high in the table with clubs with significantly more resources is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and focus our swimmers and coaches are doing on a weekly basis. 

The 15 swimmers representing BSC for the 2nd Round were: 

Luke, Alexander, Rosie, Penelope, Elizabete

Rohit, Daniel, Olivia, Illioni, Mia

Jai, Charlie, Gaby, Lula, Cosima

Including the 13 & Over swimmers, we hit close to 150 lifetime bests as well as 3 new Club Records (from Olivia B and Alex R) during all the time trials done during training earlier this month.  This was impressive considering the amount of training that was missed by many swimmers due to school trips, exams, and COVID related isolation.

June 2021- BSC 4x50 Time Trial Results