BSC Summer Champs and End of Season Prize Winners

We'd like to thank all the swimmers and parents who made it to our annual Summer Prize Giving Evening at Fulham Pools. Although not everyone was able to make it, it was lovely to see so many of our members enjoying the evening and supporting the club and the swimmers who won the awards handed out by the coaches. A massive thank you to Sarah Baker who ordered all the trophies and helped organize the food for the event. 

Swimmers who were not present to collect their awards will be notified of when the trophies will be available for collection.

2017-2018 Group Awards 


Most Improved- Ilioni Bougani-Pournara

Commitment- Jasmin Mahmoud

Team Work- Grace Yardley


Most Improved- Maybelle Maloret

Commitment- Kyros Stratigos-Shaw

Team Work - Helen Becchetti


Most Improved: Mia Zarkovic,

Commitment: Dimitar Draganov, Angelica Versoza

Team Work: Imogen Knight


Most improved- Kynan Tallac-Botos

Dedication- Katya Maclennan


Most Improved- Tristan Durteste

Commitment- Brandon Sayers

Team Work- Fleur Lauriot

Summer Champs Age Group Top Swimmers- FINA POINTS

8&Under- Charlotte Shao 

9-10- Anabelle Nash / Pheonix Barnes

11-12- Mia Zarkovic / Kynan Tallac-Botos

13-14- Isla Wallrock / Lorenzo Dufour

15-16- Alesha Kelly / Tristan Durteste

17+- Alex Werner / Brandon Sayers