SQUADS (page update in progress)

1. National Development Squad (NDS)

Stepping up into the highest performance squad of Brompton, athletes (Aged 14+) are introduced to five morning sessions in addition to their evening training, the use of multiple facilities, a full-body lifting program including swim-specific plyometrics, pre-pool warmup, mobility fundamentals, progressive stretching routine, dietary advice for training/competing and invitation to swim camps abroad. National Development Squad athletes should show a vested interest in competing and engaging fully with the processes required to compete at the highest level. At the appropiate age and with the guidance of the Head Coach, athletes can focus their training down to more specific strokes/events. Athletes are expected to be competing at Regional level across all strokes and distances with the aim of qualifying for both English and British Nationals. Training commitment must be 6-8x sessions/week.

2. Junior Development Squad 2 (JD2)

Junior Development Squad 2 is designed for swimmers (Aged 12-17) to achieve competitive (Regional qualification) times across all strokes and distances. The swimmers have available to them three morning swim sessions, four evening swim sessions and two dryland sessions (30mins and 1hr respectively). The introduction of a second dryland session gives athletes their first opportunity to utilise gym equipment in order to build strength and further accelerate their progress. Training commitment to be discussed with lead coach (7x sessions/week available).

3. Junior Development Squad 1 (JD1)

Junior Development Squad 1 introduces new variables and demands for swimmers (Aged 11-15) moving up from CD2. In addition to the increased total weekly workload, including a second dryland session run by NDS athletes, swimmers are introduced to training for longer-distance events. To aid with that are the introduction of doubles - swimming twice in one day (morning and evening). Swimmers in this squad must obtain competitive (County/Regional qualification) times in the 200m distance, further to their times across all strokes in 50/100m distances. Training commitment must be 5-7x sessions/week.

Expectations: Swimmers in the Junior and Senior squads are expected to show increased maturity when dealing with outside variables that can affect their athletic development (eg school, injuries) - their lead coach will be available for further guidance regarding this. They are also expected to approach training with the commitment and work ethic that is expected of this level. Furthermore, every possible opportunity to compete should be taken in order to gauge progress.

Equipment: Water Bottle, Fins, Paddles, Snorkel, Pull Buoy, Kickboard, Parachute, (spare) Swimsuit and Goggles, (dryland) Resistance Band


4. County Development 2 (CD2)

County Development 2 follows on from CD1, with swimmers (Aged 10-14) experiencing further increases in their total training time, total training volume and intensity of dryland (introduction of plyometrics and shoulder rehabilitation). There is also an introduction to early morning sessions (6:30-7:45am), preparing swimmers for the training required in higher squads. Swimmers in this squad must obtain competitive (County qualification) times in the 100m distance + 200 IM. Training commitment must be 4-5x sessions/week.

5. County Development 1 (CD1)

County Development 1 steps up the training from AS3 by introducing swimmers (Aged 9-13) to a 2hr swim session, a 30min dryland session and increasing the total weekly training volume. Swimmers here will also have the opportunity to train alongside CD2 to further challenge themselves. Swimmers in this squad will aim to achieve competitive (County qualification) times in the 50m and 100m distances. Training commitment must be 3-4x sessions/week.

Expectations: Swimmers in the County squads are expected to display a high level of maturity in training - Technique Work approached with absolute focus and Main Sets approached with absolute effort/intensity.

Equipment: Water Bottle, Fins, Snorkel, Kickboard, (spare) Swimsuit and Goggles, (dryland) Resistance Band


6. Academy 3 (AS3)

The Academy 3 squad is where swimmers (Aged 8-12) are expected to show an increase in attendance, focus and effort as their weekly training volume further increases. AS3 also introduces a second 1.5hr session later in the evening to give swimmers a taste of training in higher squads. Swimmers in this squad will aim to achieve competitive (County qualification) times in the 50m distance + 100 IM. Training commitment is expected to be 3x sessions/week (4x sessions/week available).

7. Academy 2 (AS2)

The Academy 2 squad lets swimmers (Aged 8-12) follow on from AS1 in improving Technique and Race Skills, but now with an increase in total weekly volume. AS2 also introduces swimmers to a 1.5hr session. Training commitment is expected to be 2-3x sessions/week (4x sessions/week available).

8. Academy 1 (AS1)

The Academy 1 squad is our entry level squad offering 1hr sessions to young swimmers (Aged 8-10). Swimmers here aim to improve their technique across all strokes and learn all the key race skills they will need to compete. Training commitment is expected to be 2x sessions/week (4x sessions/week available).

Expectations: Swimmers in the Academy Squads are expected to compete in the Club Champs and County Development galas as well as a number of external open meets suited to their level and age.


9. Masters (MAS)

The club also offers a Masters Squad designed for swimmers over the age of 18 who want to keep fit and possibly compete in Open Water, Triathlon or Masters Swimming Competitions. Brompton Masters swim two mornings a week from 6.30 - 7.30 am.


Training Schedule

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