Academy 1 (AS1)

The Academy 1 squad is our entry level competitive squad offering for young swimmers (Aged 8-10). Swimmers here aim to improve their technique across all strokes and learn all the key race skills they will need to compete. Entrants to this squad should display a high level of the technical foundations (catch, streamline, kick etc). Training commitment: 2-3 sessions/week.

Academy 2 (AS2)

The Academy 2 squad lets swimmers (Aged 9-11) follow on from AS1 in improving technical aspects of the strokes and race skills, but now with an increase in total weekly volume. AS2 also introduces swimmers to longer sessions (1.25h to 1.5hr). Training commitment: 3-4 sessions/week.


County Development 1 (CD1)

County Development 1 steps up the training by introducing swimmers (Aged 10-12) to longer sessions (1.5h to 1.75hrs), morning training and dryland in order to be competitive at higher-level meets (achieving County Qualification). Training commitment: 4-5 sessions/week.

County Development 2 (CD2)

County Development 2 follows on from CD1, with swimmers (Aged 11 & over) adjusting to a more morning-focused schedule in preparation for the higher Junior and National squads. They will also start to lean less towards technical aspects and more towards physical aspects (aerobic, anaerobic and strength development). The dryland training will become more mature (introduction of plyometrics and joint protection). Training commitment: 4-5 sessions/week.


Junior Development 1 (JD1)

Junior Development 1 introduces new variables and demands for swimmers (Aged 12-13) such as three morning practices, doubles (am + pm swim on the same day), longer sessions (1.5h to 2hrs) and an additional dryland session per week. Swimmers in this squad are ideally County qualified and looking to achieve Regional qualification. Training commitment: 5-7 sessions/week.

Junior Development 2 (JD2)

Junior Development 2 is designed for swimmers (Aged 13 & over) to achieve competitive (Regional qualification) times across all strokes and distances. The swimmers have available to them a variety of sessions across the week to help achieve this goal. The introduction of a second dryland session gives athletes their first opportunity to utilise gym equipment in order to build strength and further accelerate their progress. Training commitment: 5-7 sessions/week.

National Development (NDS)

Stepping up into the highest performance squad of Brompton, athletes (Aged 14 & over) are introduced to five morning sessions in addition to their evening training, the use of multiple facilities, a full-body lifting program including swim-specific plyometrics, pre-pool warmup, mobility fundamentals, progressive stretching routine, dietary advice for training/competing and invitation to swim camps abroad. National Development squad athletes should show a vested interest in competing and engaging fully with the processes required to compete at the highest level. At the appropriate age and with the guidance of the Head Coach, athletes can focus their training down to more specific strokes/events. Athletes are expected to be competing at Regional level across Freestyle and at least one other stroke with the aim of qualifying for National competitions. Training commitment: minimum 6 sessions/week.


St Paul’s Girls’ School (SP1 and SP2)

These sessions will be run by Brompton SC coaches and assistants and are intended for swimmers who have not had the opportunity to train consistently in the past. SPGS swimmers will have 3 training sessions per week during term time.

These sessions are not a pathway into the main squads of BSC, but will give young swimmers more time in the water on a weekly basis that will help them improve and develop far more than the usual 30 minutes per week swim lesson. These squads are not solely focused on getting swimmers “ready” to join Brompton or any other club, rather we are looking to continue to develop their swimming technique and improve their fitness levels in a fun group setting.


Masters (MAS)

The club also offers a Masters squad designed for swimmers over the age of 18 who want to keep fit and possibly compete in Open Water, Triathlon or Masters Swimming Competitions. Brompton Masters swim two mornings a week from 06.30 - 07.45.


Training Schedule

Please see the Training Schedule page for additional training schedule detail.

Training Kit Guidelines

See our Kit page for squad specific kit guidance.

Join BSC

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