Training Kit Guidelines


Training should be a daily thing like eating, drinking and sleeping. Remember: Swim, Eat, Sleep, and School. Nothing else matters! (Almost...). As with anything someone is trying to learn, consistency is everything. You wouldn’t expect to do well on your math exam if you study hard for a few days and then let your books gather dust for a few days leading into the big test.

Technique versus effort

Never sacrifice on technique. When trying hard technique is often sacrificed. Don’t. Poor technique means more resistance and makes it harder to swim fast. Slowing down to learn to do things right from the beginning will lead to bigger long term gains. 

Always give a training session your best. Never get out thinking it was easy as this normally means you weren't working hard enough! 


We all have weaknesses. The way to improve as an athlete is to work on your weakness everyday. It’s a concept called improvement by marginal gain. 

How hard to try?

Your coach will always tell you how hard to try. That is usually set by the swim and rest times. So if the coach says you have 10 x 100m to do on 2mins swim and rest, don’t ask how much rest. The faster you swim the more rest you will get.

If your coach says swim slowly then do so. He or she is asking you to try to work on technical perfection, best done slowly.

If the coach says as fast as possible, you should be panting by the end.

A kicking training set should nearly always be done hard.


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