We want to provide the best environment for you to flourish.

We are here to support you regardless of age or ability. We are an inclusive club growing quickly and proving to be friendly and popular. 

We are having fun, run by swimmers for swimmers!


Our Values - The best performing club our way.

Our swimming club will support all needs from the youngest competing swimmer to the oldest. We

believe in developing key skills, having fun, and molding your talent allowing you to enjoy swimming for life.

Improvements can be made every day, with Olympic beliefs.

Excellence, Respect, Friendship, Fairness, Effort.


Our Vision – A New Club for a new decade.

Speed swimming continues to learn and develop our sport. Swimmers are getting faster, coaches understand more.

To ensure we offer the best experience we will work with a wide team of specialists to make certain we can offer the best knowledge and experience.

We will develop and employ new technology in the right environment to give you the best opportunity to become the finest swimmer possible.

Our club will have a feeling of belonging, a "desire to swim", volunteer, and be a part of our wider family.

From the start-up, we will quickly develop and refine our programme as we grow.