Coaching Medways Swimmers to high performace, national levels, for over 30 years!

Medway has a proud history of association with the sea and water. Our members remember swimming in the Stand open-air pool in Gillingham, and the river Medway through their youth. Gillingham Swimming Club helped our oldest members who are still practicing today!


                              The old Athuthusa pool                                 The Navy Barracks pool                      The old Buckmore Park Pool

                      on the banks of the River Medway                       Now a Student Union bar!                    closed and sadly lost



As competitive swimming developed into new indoor centers, we welcomed the Black Lion  Swimming Pool around 1973. Many of the now masters swimmers had a day off school as we demonstrated skills for dignitaries in both of the openings of the swimming pool and then the added sports halls to become a leisure centre.

As competitive swimming grew, rewards grew as well. Medway ASA and Kent Schools provided badges and certificates to support progress.


After winning an event in the local Medway ASA championships, rewards would follow. Free bus rides around Medway, free entrance to the Stand swimming pool, which became a favorite all summer long!

Rewards were trained for and achieved with the B.S.C.A badge system of Bronze, Silver, and Gold standards. Most proudly displayed these on towels or tracksuits! These were awarded for time trial achievements.                                                                                                                           


Water safety has always been important, you may remember the days of swimming in pajamas, and diving to rescue the brick! Pat O'Connell ran life-saving in those days. Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross rewards were the rewards!