Merry Christmas from Menzieshill Whitehall

Bob Muir

Dear club member and family,

I wanted to write to you to wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year from all the coaches, committee members and volunteers of Menzieshill Whitehall Swimming and Water Polo club.

I should be thrilling you all with my witty banter and fascinating stories of yesteryear at our annual awards and club Christmas party, but as you know we have had to postpone that due to the Covid situation. But at least my fascinating performance will give you something to look forward to in the new year when this event will hopefully be rescheduled. I was really glad to see so many children of our club at Ryze the other week and hope you all had as much fun on the trampolines as Jack, our Head Swimming Coach, did.


This year has brought many unique challenges for our club, and our volunteers have proven just how adaptable and resilient they are in the face of ever-changing restrictions, pool closures and a return to competition.

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to all our volunteers.

At a time when it would be very easy to do less for the club and concentrate on keeping themselves and their families safe. Our volunteers have made Herculean efforts to provide the best possible training opportunities for the children of our club. They have learned new skills and taken on new responsibilities to allow the club to continue to function. They are the backbone of our club and are critical to our aim of getting kids in the water and allowing them to discover new life skills and life-long passions. And of course, all of this is time and effort is given without any financial reward. Unlike many other clubs. They are a rare and generous group of lovely people.

I am very proud of you all and again I thank you for your efforts and your precious time.


I would also like to thank our members and parents for your continued involvement in the club and passion for our beloved sports.

In the coming weeks, we face some uncertainty with the emergence of the Omicron variant. I am confident we will overcome any obstacles which are thrown our way and enjoy a fuller return to training, competition and normal life in 2022.


So please enjoy your holidays and take this time to recharge, and we will return to training on the week beginning January 10th.

Merry Christmas to you all!



Bob Muir

Club President