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How parents can support our club

Swimming clubs rely on a great deal of adult involvement in order to be able to operate and provide a full training schedule, as well as regular opportuntities to participate in competitions. The most visible roles are the coaches, however our club depends on a large number of parent volunteers working behind the scenes. There are a range of opportunties listed below. We appreciate that due to other commitments some roles may be more suitable to parents individual circumstances than others but we would ask that all parents, particularly those with swimmers taking part in competitions, give consideration to at least one of the volunteer roles outlined below. 


MASC Event Volunteers Events volunteers

Throughout the year MASC run various events and galas, including the club championships that depend on parent volunteers and support to run. This can be as simple as donating goods for a bake sale or helping supervise a raffle or tombola. No previous experience is required to be an event volunteer. Our Gala convenor will often send out a communication ahead of events with a list of ways in which you can support. For more information please contact the MASC Gala Convener ([email protected]).

MASC STO VolunteersTime-keepers and judges

Did you know it can take over 40 adult volunteers to run a swimming gala? The majority of these positions are Swimming Technical Officials (STOs), which mainly consist of time keepers and judges. Training is required for these positions but this is provided by the club. The entry point is as a time keeper, after a one-off course you can then help officiate at various swimming galas (if your child is competing it’s the best seat in the house!). For many parents, this is as far as their officiating journey goes, however there are opportunities to undertake further training and become a judging official. As your child starts competing at events our STO coordinator will be in touch to ask for your help. For further information or to register your interest, please contact the MASC STO Coordinator ([email protected]).

MASC CommitteeCommittee member

Oversight for the management of the club is conducted by the club board – a collective of parent volunteers. Positions on the board vary greatly and include treasurer, gala convenor, membership secretary, president, secretary, STO coordinator and communications. The club and committee often benefit from skills and experience parent's can bring, such as from the workplace or involvement with other clubs. Vacancies and opportunities come up regularly as committee members rotate. If you are interested in joining the board please contact the MASC Club Secretary ([email protected]).