Senior & Junior Performance Squads

Swimmers in our Perfomance Squads can expect the intensity to step up with land-based training sessions as well as work in the water.

Junior Performance swimmers will be looking for regular starts in West District level meets and the fastest and most dedicated in the Senior Performance squad will have ambitions to race at Scottish and British Championships with the ultimate prize being places on the Scottish Swimming youth programmes.


Age Group & Potential Squads

Swimmers progress from Swim Stars into the Potential squad where they’ll get their first taste of competitions at other venues across the west of Scotland.

Multiple weekly training sessions will focus on improving stroke technique developing racing skills.

As swimmers move into the Age Group squad they’ll be aiming to qualify for West District meets, and for the best, a place on Scottish Swimming’s Development Regional Programme.


Swim Stars

Our Swim Stars squad is targeted at children who have completed the 4th level of the Learn to Swim programme.

With a choice of five 1 hour sessions each week the aim is to give them a solid foundation in the four main strokes and introduce them to swimming in lanes.

They will get the chance to experience racing for the first time at our Club Championships where there is a trophy awarded every year to the best boy and girl.


Masters Swimming

Don’t let the name put you off.  This is club swimming for adults and our members range from septuagenarians to Olympic medal winners.

Masters swimming does not have to be competitive, although there is always that option.

Our coaches devise sets and organise the lanes appropriate to the level for swimmers who may looking to improve their stroke skills, swim for fitness or train for events such as triathlons.


Artistic Squad

Our synchro section offers proficient swimmers the opportunity to specialise in synchronised or artistic swimming.

Our swimmers compete in competitions at Local, District and National level throughout the year.

Synchronised swimmers develop a high level of aerobic fitness and flexibility. They need to be strong and yet graceful, have stamina and be able to interpret and perform to music.