Aston D Queeley




Reach rescue

Level 2 diving coach 

Dry Diving Rigging CPD


I dived at Leeds for 9 years in which I had a great group of coaches guide me through my diving career. I moved in to coaching at 16 and have now coached for the past 5 years at Leeds, I also coached at both Halifax and Bradford Diving Club during this time. My experience in coaching spans from skills level through to elite, having worked in all areas of the scheme here in Leeds. I also have experience in working in behaviour support and management with children. 
In my spare time I enjoy exercising and socialising with mates, whether that be a bike ride or on the PlayStation.



Go big or go home.
Whatever you do should have your stamp on it, be proud of what you achieve even if your not successful in the end. You always want to be able to look back and be happy that you gave it your all.