2022 Club Membership

Welcome to the City of Leeds Diving Club Electronic Membership Registration platform for 2022.

As a member of our diving squad and to be eligible to take part in activities associated with the City of Leeds Diving Club, including training, you need to be a member of Swim England and the Club for insurance purposes.

Please see the following link for further details about Swim England Membership: http://www.swimming.org/members/

The yearly membership / Swim England registration fees are now due for 2022. The deadline for payment is 6th February 2022. Please note that all memberships paid after the deadline will incur an additional £10 late payment fee. We are sorry for the strict measure that we are now imposing, but our primary goal is to ensure the health and safety of all our divers. 

We are pleased to inform you, that following a review of membership fees at other diving clubs, we have reduced our club membership fee by £10 for all squad categories, based on the 2020 fee. 

We have also introduced a two tier fee for members of our Teen Diving Squad, as there is not an expectation for all members of this squad to compete. If your diver is a member of this squad. please choose the non-competitive or competitive option. Please note the membership category can be amended by contacting the Membership Secretary and with payment of the additional fee, if your diver chooses to compete later in the year. 

The following membership amounts include the Club, and appropriate Swim England fees:

Teen Diving 1 Non Competitive                                                 £33.45

Teen Diving 2 Non Competitive                                                 £51           

Teen Diving Competitive / All Stars / TID                                  £70                                   

NAG / NAT Skills / Talent Dev                                                    £100

National Elites / HPC                                                                  £115

Olympic Diver / Diving Ten Years                                             £34.25

Parent / Life Time Member (SE Support fee)                           £11.35

Sibling in Teen/All Stars/TID                                                      £52

Sibling in Nat Skills/NAG/Talent Dev                                        £67

If you have sibling children diving at the club you will receive a 50% reduction on the element of the fee payable to the club. The Swim England fee of £34.25 will still need to be paid in full. The 50% reduction will be given on the lowest tier membership. When you go through the online renewal process you will be able to select the appropriate amount for the sibling child. Please email the Club Membership Secretary for further information if you are unsure [email protected]

Membership of Swim England and our Club is included in the above fee for parents who are active volunteers of the club. If a second parent also wishes to become a member, then this will attract an extra £10.70 to cover the Club Support Swim England fee.

Divers who pay their Swim England fees to another club, should notify the membership secretary of this and their annual amount will be amended to reflect this. 

Please note that only registered Club members will be allowed to take part in competitions and other activities of the club, which includes training. 

Payment can be made by credit/debit card or by BACS transfer to our new club bank account at the Nat West - City of Leeds Diving: - 52-30-11; a/c no 31905013. (Please ensure you reference the diver's name against the transfer and email the membership secretary if paying by BACS, once payment has been made).

Please click on the green button below to start the process and please don't hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

Kind regards    

Tanya Wade

Membership Secretary

City of Leeds Diving Club