Leah Robinson




Reach rescue

Level 1 diving coach 

Level 1 gymnastics coach




I became a diver at the age of 12 at the City of Leeds Diving club after being a gymnast for 11 years. I progressed through diving to a national level before I decided to leave for university in the summer of 2019. I got my diving coaching qualification at the start of 2019 and have been coaching since. I started my coaching career at the age of 16 as a gymnastics coach and still do it along side my diving coaching and university. Over my time as an athlete I was able to witness different coaching styles that I like to bring into my coaching. I’m now one of the coaches on the TID scheme and I love working with them and seeing the progressions made. I have been able to achieve a lot within sport over my years as a gymnast and a diver and I hope to share my knowledge and experiences with my divers and other divers in the programme.