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Why Fundraise?


Fundraising efforts are vital to the future of any sports club and swimming clubs are no different.   Strong fundraising efforts help us to ensure we have excellent coaching, access to excellent facilities and coaching technology. 


Here's what our coaches say about fundraising.....


"Stuff Costs Money!   Fundraising isn’t a new concept and it never ever stops.  Even in the big leagues fundraising happens, they just call it sponsorship.  The reality of sport is, there is no secret formula. There is no one way fits all and there is no cheat code to get to the top. Even the science says the same. You look at physiology and the studies of what makes a great athlete and you’ll see things like huge Vo2 Max or massive lung capacity, but actually having those things doesn’t make a champion. You’ll see that psychology and the ability to overcome obstacles, motivate yourself to train when it hurts of find the all allusive zone is key; but that doesn’t work if the machine can’t support it. That being the case we aim to support talent with opportunity. Giving everyone the opportunity to succeed is what we are about and what fundraising affords.   What an athlete needs, changes, but your money can help run that training camp, help subsidise training expenses, put coaches through courses so they can better harness the physiology and psychology and find the right balance for the individual athlete whether they are at the top or just joining the club. Keeping our athletes at their best isn’t just about what they’re physically capable of. Sometimes it’s about letting off steam so they are mentally ready to face the next session. The athlete is the centre of our world Being able to support their mental health and well-being is a huge part of the club’s responsibility. Every penny and pound makes a difference here and you have the opportunity to give these athletes the best chance at success through your generosity, support and kindness."


So, here's what we're doing....





One of the easiest ways you can help us to raise funds, is via Easy Fundraising.  Shop online from thousands retailers and they'll give a donation every time you buy something, at no extra cost.    Whether you're doing an online grocery shop or booking a holiday abroad, if you're using the EasyFundraising App, you're raising money for your club, at no cost to you.



1. Go to

2. Sign up for free

3. Get shopping – your donations will be collected by easyfundraising and automatically sent to the club.



It really is VERY easy.  There are no catches or hidden charges and the club very much appreciates your support.














Investing in and developing our swimmers is top of our list of priorities.   Weʼre currently raising £2,500 to Support Durham City Aquatics fund training opportunities for club members,  purchase the latest innovations in coaching equipment and indeed support the club throughout the Covid19 crisis.   Follow the link below to support us.






Fundraising Team


Durham City Aquatics has a dedicated and enthusiastic team of fundraisers.    As a member of our club, you will often see links to our Bingo Nights, Raffles, Cake sales and much much more. If you would like to be an active member of our fundraising team, please contact [email protected]



Sponsors and Partnerships


Durham City Aquatics are proud to have some fantastic local sponsors and partnerships, these include....


Swinburne Maddison


NESS Swimwear


Leisure Training & Consultancy


The Old Pit Practice


Youth Sport Nutrition


British Swimming 




Mayfield Insurance Brokers



We are always excited to welcome new sponsors to our club.   If you think that your organisation could work with us, please contact us at [email protected]



Sponsors & Partners