Winter Gala Report

Mike Perry
WinterGala Report

Last Sunday saw the final in the club gala series. The Winter Gala, decorated with actual snow; was well attended with a good spread of athletes from every level of the club. With the competition calendar being so polarised, its lovely (and rare) to see senior swimmers and those at the entry end of the club competing at the same time. 

For this competition, we had some help from some of our performance swimmers, Entry Squad were looked after entirely by Macie Hodgson, Bethany Coulson and Lizzie Ryan all from P2. Katie Joyce also helped initially as resident DJ the supported with A-Squad and P2. 

Now for some data. As the results come through we get to have a look at the nitty gritty. So for each of the events here is how we scored

50 FLY - 70% PBs
50 BK - 76% PBs
50 BRST - 70% PBs
50 FREE - 56% PBs
800FREE - 100% PBs
1500 FREE - 100PBs 

Overall 66% of swims resulted in personal bests and whilst that is exciting, even more exciting than that; there were 54 New Times!  That’s 54 swims that had previously not been raced. 

It is, of course, very easy to get lost in the numbers, but what was notable, was how many smiling faces there were, how many people cheered for their friends and team mates and, how many people volunteered their time to make this meet happen. 

We are racing again next weekend! Let’s see what DCA can achieve together and individually.

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