Summer Spring Meet - The 'Stuart Illingworth Meet'

Mike Perry

Stuart Illingworth came to Durham City Aquatics as most adults do, a parent bringing a child to continue their swimming journey after learn to swim. Soon after, Stuart and his business S-Cars became a club sponsor, supporting our Junior League team, and act of kindness that supported the junior squads in the early stages of their swimming career.

As Stuart's daughter, Brooke, worked her way through the squads, Stuart continued to support the club, first by joining the committee and taking an active part in the day to day running of DCA; then, by taking on responsibilities in the timing suite to assist in the smooth running of competitions.

Having had a taste of competitive swimming through Brooke’s successes, Stuart joined our Masters section, fully embedding himself into the Durham City Community.


Sadly, in late 2020, we lost Stuart to a tragic accident. A loss felt right to the very core of the club. Stuarts funeral was held in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic with many of the clubs senior staff attending virtually to pay their respects. Even in this final moment, Stuart continued to support the club; asking not for flowers, but for donations to be made to the community he had been a part of for so many years. With this final act of selfless generosity, Stuart inspired the club to give something back, not just once, but annually.


The Durham City Aquatics Summer Sprint Meet, The Stuart Illingworth Meet; has been funded by the donations that were made at Stuarts Funeral. Much of the income will be used to support aquatics in Durham, funding coach training for those wishing to pursue a lifetime in the sport, making grants available to support athletes in the pursuit of their goals both in and out of the club and of course funding next years meet so we can do it all again.


For this we thank Stuart for his love of this club, and you for honouring his memory with us.