"I moved to Durham City Swimming Club 5 years ago. Straight away I was welcomed into Sophie's squad and made friends who I am still very close with today. My first gala experiences were quite intimidating however, with the help and support from the coaches, team managers and other swimmers I quickly overcame this.  

I started to progress through the squads making great progress, then unfortunately I had a bad year due to illness, resulting in some time away from the pool. This was a major set back and would have been an easy excuse to give up, however I stuck with it and gradually returned to full fitness. The coach tailored the sets to help me during my recovery period.  

This year I qualified for my first NER which shows that my determination has paid off. The club allowed me to volunteer with younger squads, which I used as evidence for my Duke of Edinburgh award.  

During my time with the club I have developed resilience, teamwork, organizational skills and confidence, which can be used in all aspects of my life."