FAQ New Members

If my child joins the swimming Club, will they have to attend morning training every day?

No!  We know that children need their sleep and so do our coaches and parents/carers!  Morning training is only introduced when our members reach the higher squads and are at the appropriate age (around 12/13 years old).  In Durham City, our most Senior swimmers only attend morning training twice a week.

Do children have to give up all other sports if they want to join a swimming Club?

That is up to each individual but it is certainly not necessary at a Junior level.  When children join the Club, they move up through the squads a bit like in Learn to Swim’s stages.  The further up the squad structure athletes go, the more sessions will be available to them and the more of their time training will take.   Naturally, we can only help athletes progress and fulfil their potential if they attend the training sessions and have enough energy to participate fully.  We make sure that sessions are focused on quality training, so that swimmers get as much as possible out of each session and don’t have to spend any more hours in the pool than are necessary in order to achieve their goals.

Do children have to enter swimming Galas (Competitions)?

We love competitions at Durham City, because Galas give our members an opportunity to put the skills they have learnt in training into practice and to appreciate the progress they are making.  Galas provide a focus and fuel motivation for our swimmers and the time spent together between races is important for strengthening relationships between members.  We know that galas can feel intimidating initially, but our members are well supported by our Coaches and Team Managers throughout the event and they usually find them exciting, inspiring and start to enjoy the opportunity to push themselves.  Experience is invaluable and there is no amount of training that can substitute actual competition.  Swimmers need experience of competing in order to compete well.

So, competitions are not mandatory in the lower squads, but they become increasingly important as members move up through the squads.  For our Performance squads, competitions are central and therefore mandatory.

Do children start doing galas straight away when they join the swimming section of the Club?

Well, that will depend on their age, ability and on the type of Gala.  There are various different levels of Galas and the Club attends and hosts a wide variety.  Each Squad has a Lead Coach and they, along with the Competition Secretary, will highlight which Galas are appropriate for each squad and the members within it.

What do I need to do if my child wishes to join the Durham City Aquatics?

We would love hear from you!   Our Club Secretary, Kelly Dunbar is the ideal person to contact first.  You can e-mail her at [email protected].  Kelly will then direct you to the appropriate person to arrange a trial session.  Initially we would like to know what level of swimming or water polo the person seeking to join is at and their Date of Birth, in order to most accurately direct you.  We hope to hear from you soon!