The Swimming Section is broken down into a number of mainstream and satellite Squads. The Squads all have an entry and exit criteria that keeps the club moving forwards. At the grassroots end of the club is Entry Squad. Moving upwards there is C-Squad, B-Squad and A-Squad. The satellite squads include Fitness Squad and Masters. Each squad will have a Lead Coach and its own aims and objectives.


After A-Squad there are Performance Squads.  These squads are for those competing at championship level or have been identified as having high potential.


Competitive Squads

Durham City Aquatics is a competitive program catering for athletes leaving learn to swim through to the Training to Compete stage of the Athlete Development Support Pathway.

In the junior squads we have a linear system where athletes will be moved upwards once they have met the required promotion criteria.  Once athletes reach the Performance Squads there is an option of two pathways. Athletes will gravitate towards the coach they work best with, therefore giving the athlete control over their own training.